Leg Exercise

Yesterday I went for a "High Energy Aerobic Workout" with my colleagues. After 11/2 hours of energy-draining exercise ("Last set! Last set!! Stay with me!!!"), I was ready to drive back home and plomp dead on the bed.

But imagine my SURPRISE when I got home and found that both lifts were out-of-order.

And you'll never guess the BEST thing is... I stay on the 17th floor!!! So how? WALK UP LAH! I mean, I'd climbed higher hills before...

Walk walk walk... up to 4th floor, called Xuan to share the joke.
Walk walk walk... up to 6th floor, saw ppl stuck in the lifts. Had a great laugh. HAHAHAHA. Happy to know there's some ppl lagi unluckier than me. HAHAHA *Can't stop laughing...
Walk walk walk... up to 8th floor, saw a cute guy looking out of his balcony. He was looking at people climbing the stairs FOR HIS OWN FUN. Cute, but what a jerk. *Faster wipe my sweat...
Walk walk walk... up to 10th floor, and from there up to 17th floor. Piece of cake.

Just, still don't understand, why these things always happen to me -_-'''

And that's the story of how I got my leg exercise for one week.


Anonymous said…
relax and enjoy

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