Phone Reincarnated!

Today must be my lucky day! This morning my water tumbler flooded my bag, with my poor Nokia 3310 phone inside it! (Oh yes, disaster strikes again!) Anyone remember my previous "flooding" episode 3 years back? Well, it happened again, and this time not just the screen went dead, I couldn't even switch it on! *Brain dead*

I guess I was too anxious to take my colleagues advice to let it dry completely before switching it on. Consequently, I heard sizzling sounds (!) and smelt a burnt smell (!!) at the headphones side near to the top ON button! And I wasn't able to switch it on and kinda gave up all hope on it, since it had served me well for 5 years, and I kinda already decided to get a new one this week...

But then...

Miracles do happen! My phone was reincarnated just now at 3.30pm! Seems like from then on things took a change today, and I had good luck coming along! Now I don't need to spend extra money on getting a new phone :P Not just yet!

The best thing that happened to me was: I FINALLY GOT MY PARKING SPACE! For those who know about space in Penang, it is just SO hard to get a parking space! While both of my housemates got theirs last week... I thought I wouldn't be getting one until 2 months later... but the management office called and said there's one available for me, and it's just below my apartment! Don't even need to walk far! Hehe! Ain't that great news or what?

Praise the Lord!


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