Devil winds

Hahaha... feeling a bit "dak chek" today, cos today I came late to the office. 9.10 a.m.! HAHAHA. Not because I slept late, I had a very good reason! It was raining cats and dogs and I just couldn't brave myself to drive (visibility-low) through all that rain. But damn, it feels good to "break a rule" by not arriving punctual to the office for once.

Speaking of the devil winds, at 5a.m. this morning, I woke from my sound sleep to a very weird noise. The windows were left open and it really really sounded like a thousand devils were out to get me, with the strong gusts of wind howling furiously through the windows and threatening to pull down the sliding door to the toilet. And for a moment there I thought I heard the drumming of waves on the shore and I thought it was the tsunami coming but suddenly I remembered that I was at Sungai Ara! Not Batu Feringghi! Luckily, Berry was sleeping by my side so I had a little bit of courage left. I ran to the windows and forcefully tried to pull the windows shut against the devil winds. Man, I had never struggled with these winds before!

Living in Penang does really give me the creeps sometimes... and when I finally got some shut-eye after my housemates had left, I woke at 8a.m. to a slight drizzle and happily went off to work.

P/S: Crossing my fingers and hope that my company doesn't find out about my blog. Hehe.


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