Feeling happy today, coz Bin is coming back and I managed to find a download copy of Cat Steven's Wild World. I love listening to this song on the radio when I'm driving alone at night... sounds so soothing and relaxing, yet realistic at the same time.

And happy coz I've got BIG EYES today! Thanks to the lash-perm from Clara, with regards to my buddy introducing me to the splendid offer (only RM8!!!) hehe :P Even dad said my eyes look bigger. And mom's friend told mom last night that I look prettier kekeke!!!

Also, mom and dad went to Haatyai and bought me a t-shirt, 2 white lacey night-gowns with fairies on them, and a pretty necklace! *Happy!*


pik lay said…
hows ur buddy looks like? also got pretty lashes?? :P
Xweing said…
Ya... my buddy is MEI NU ohh~

Got pretty lashes, a tiny dainty mouth, and long arms n legs like a model.

Any takers!!!? I charge introduction fee!! Wahaha~

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