My First Blood Donation!

Yay! Finally I can post photos on my blog again... Dunno what's wrong with the network here... perhaps the company has found out about my evil operations! Oh, no!

But evil or not... ahem... I'm proud to announce that I finally did it! After 23 years of being a human, I have finally donated my first bag of blood on Thursday, 24th August 2006 ! (excluding my monthly blood bags... hehe) A proud 450 ml! Kekeke... and didn't know my hemoglobins could sink so well too :P

Anywayz, hope some lucky human out there will receive my first-grade 0+ blood... and I'm happy to say, I'll not stop here! :D


zappy said…
What took you so long to do so?
Anyway, good job... ^^

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