My Hong Kong Trip '06 - Part I

From one island to another... finally I'm back in Penang after 4D3N in Hong Kong. In a nutshell, it was a great trip but not quite the best fun I've had in all of my other trips... things too private to tell here.

Well anyhow, I took off by AirAsia (Free Seats!!) at 1510 Thu 14 Sep 2006 from LCCT. Remind me never to sit by the emergency exits again. Those leather seats there are unbendable! Like my dad said, really an "Air Bus" @_@

A seat with a view - after an uncle sat in my place after I returned from the toilet. Blue skies all the way, man! Despite the expectedly horrid weather forecast... :D

Touched down at Macau International Airport (Tampa Island) at 1855 Thu 14 Sep 2006 and took the AP1 bus across Friendship Bridge over to Macau Island.

We were sauntering over to the First Ferry counter at 8.30pm when the ticket seller told me: "小姐,最后一班船了,唔该快点" -_- and my family and I had the run of our lives to get to the ferry in time. *Phew!! And something unbelievable happened - a 3.5 Richter scale EARTHQUAKE while we were at sea. And no of course I wasn't shaken or anything, just felt that the waves were abnormally huge.

Did you know that ICAC stands for Independent Commission Against Corruption? Too bad they don't deal with corrupt merchants next door... we were almost cheated of RM10,000/ HKD20,000 (Yes, your eyes are fine) that night. Still, we bought the RM2,600 worth of Japanese abalone there. Yum yum CNY dinner next year...

The next day was a half-day City Tour given free by the hotel package. After some fabulous Dim Sum, we toured HK Island until 4pm. First we went to Golden Bauhinia Square outside HKCEC outside Wan Chai waterfront. The Golden Bauhinia was given by PRC as a gift to HK to mark the homecoming of HK to Mainland China. Golden Bauhinia 紫荆花 is HK Special Administrative Region's "Region Flower". HK 紫荆花 vs Ipoh 纸巾花? I'm starting to feel that Ipoh has many similarities to HK...

At Wan Chai 湾仔 waterfront. Behind, across Victoria Harbor is Kowloon.

That's the HKCEC. The whole building is in the shape of a bird. The bird's head points towards Mainland China, signifying the return of HK back to China. Look familiar? Nicholas Tse and Jackie Chan slided across the rooftop in New Police Story :D

Here we are, mom and I at The Peak. Oh, halfway at The Peak. I was expecting a cable car ride to the top where we could have some tea under umbrellas like in the movies... and 'ternampak' some HK actors 偷情 there... hehe. Many tall skyscrapers behind there... but I forgot all the names :P Just remember that the tourguide told us one of the buildings had many fires, due to its red glowing night ring design at the top. Then after a fengshui master added a swimming pool at the top, there was not a single fire afterwards. The magic of fengshui... but would you dare to swim at such height?!

Still halfway at The Peak. Why no red taxi or bus pass by behind? TAXI!!! Tourguide pointed out Leon Lai, 李嘉欣 and 关芝琳's apartment. 据说黎明为了追李嘉欣搬去那里住。Who da hell cares about Leon Lai... give me Andy Lau anytime! ;)

Jumbo Restaurant on Water! This is where they shot 食神! 天外飞仙降落的地方。They say it costs a fortune to dine inside (eg Chow Yuen Fatt belanja Tom Cruise dinner). And also I'm wearing the kind of hat that Angelina Jolie wore during her Tomb Raider 2 shoot in the junks. And no, I didn't purposely wear like Tomb Raider... #!$@$%$*%


pik lay said…
I envy u la my dear buddy.. can go HK.. how i wish i can go too... and u have a handsome bro.. too bad he is younger... hehehe
weixuan said…
mana part 2?

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