The Devil Wears Prada

Since my housemates and I never had a Girls' Night Out before, we decided to strut into the cinema to watch The Devil Wears Prada together.

Ever since I read the book by Lauren Weisberger a few years back, I was full of anticipation for the movie and when I got to know that Meryl Streep was playing the role of Miranda Priestly, I couldn't be more eager to throw off my black high pumps and rush off to the movie. And truthfully, it was G.R.E.A.T!

Hollywood should do more adaptations like this... I like a fast-paced movieline that cuts to the chase, is not without emotion, retains all the juicy, hilarious lines and casts fabulous actors such as Meryl Streep. And did you know why this movie is truly great? Coz it was directed by David Frankel of Sex & The City fame. Like I read from somewhere, this is a man who knows his Jimmy Choos from his Manolo Blahniks (Carrie, anyone?) He certainly knows how to balance fashion and emotion... not your ordinary chick flick, satisfyingly!

I declare Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries/ Brokeback Mountain) to be the next Julia Roberts. She always portrays this ugly duckling who grows into a swan. And this movie, I dunno, aims to be Pretty Woman on Fifth Avenue? Or Breakfast at Gucci's?

And Meryl Streep, oh Meryl! Elegant, haughty and with that commanding look despite her abundant tuff of white hair, I could not divert my eyes off her each time she appeared on-screen, "Get me Demarchelier!" Her role, reprising that of Miranda Priestly, is widely said to mirror the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour.

One thing that might be unclear to viewers who did not read the book (nor carefully), is to why the book/movie is named The Devil Wears Prada, since the only hint of a Prada is the white fluffy bag imprinted with the brand name carried by Miranda as she storms into the building. And one more thing they didn't explicitly mention in the movie was the particular affection of Miranda towards Hermes scarves, hence the upward scatter of colourful scarves into the air while First Assistant Emily was hit by a car.

One role I thought was miscast was the role of Nigel. I had expected someone who gave more attention to the "sad little girl", her mentor, beacon of light in fashion noir. Someone as supportive as err... I dunno... Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost?

My favourite scene in the whole movie was Paris... with the city lights and the restaurant playing "French Kiss" and Andy twirling on a pole in the garden only to be caught by the charming Christian Thompson (Simon Baker) who kisses her again and again and again... so Sex & The City! Love it! I don't blame Andy for falling for Christian... it's that deadly intelligence + looks that's so tempting... And did you know Simon Baker was voted among People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" (2002)?

I especially like this dress! And oh, can I wear leather jackets and carry Marc Jacob satchels and fashionable pumps or calf-level black boots to work starting from tomorrow? But I'm scared my colleagues would call me crazy...

You people who declare yourselves to be fashionistas, always buy CLEO or visit Loreal counters should drop all your stuff, and go to the cinemas, now!

That's all >:)


pik lay said…
nice wordings about the movie.. the cinema should hire you to write their summary.. hahha.. part time job :P
ginet said…
i too fell in luv with simon baker after seeing this muvi...didn't realized that he was such a cutie~ ^^
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