Happy Mooncake Festival!

It all started when our SD teambuilding event was cancelled. So... some of the girls decided to come up with a BBQ party to celebrate the Midautumn Festival.

We had much to eat... sandwiches, deliciously marinated chicken wings, corn, sausages, meatballs, prawns, fish, stingray, otak-otak, chilli ladies fingers... until our stomachs were stuffed!

Here I am with some of my colleagues... hey, if you look at the original photo album you'll see I have some sort of food in my hand in EVERY single pic!

Red red lanterns hung up in the sky 大红灯笼高高挂... somehow this pic reminds me of the days in MMU where we wrote wishes and flew 孔明灯 at dusk in the football field... too bad we didn't take any photos then... now all left are memories in my head...

Last but not least, my department team! *Yes I know, big, isn't it? :)


Kean-Jin Lim said…

Is she Wei Wei,the young lady in the middle of the last photo? Just curious, maybe I'm wrong.
Xweing said…
The only Wei Wei I know is myself... hehe ^_^

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