My First Karate Lesson

Yesterday was my first karate lesson. Thanks to Yee Yong who dragged me there knowing that my badminton session was cancelled... I had a delightful karate lesson...... because of the handsome sensei! Hahaha... ^_^

If I thought my taekwondo instructor was cute last time, well, this one must be 10 times cuter! He's like this grown-up version of the Karate Kid himself, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect posture, perfect stance, and looks totally hot in his karate uniform!

And best of all, he works at Level 2 too! So I can see him everyday~~~ *dreamy look on my face*

Haha... felt a bit embarassed cos I kinda forgot all my Taekwondo moves, which is kinda similar to Karate, how to aim straight for front side kick, lost my balance plus lost my ability to shout "HEI!" instead of a meek little squeek!


And he was expecting that I'd retain my martial arts skills... Sigh... why had my karate instructor had to be so 100% perfect? I just can't concentrate on my enemy~~~


pik lay said…
haha... din tell me earlier got handsome sen sei... :D
OzzyGimenez said…
Yeah,i love this film.Ey,did you liked 1984 of George Orwell?it´s my prefered book.

Nice blog and greetings from Spain:-)

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