Intel Treasure Hunt '06

Many of my friends have been asking me "How's the treasure hunt??" since most of them have never taken part in one before... So, definately I feel obligated to blog about it, especially to the kind souls who were my offline source that day.

My very First Car Hunt :D

Woke up at 6 something to get to Shinca before 7.15am (parking... yesss... I'm still parking!!!) The CarHunt girls all in Intel Involved Blue T-shirts... From left, Jinwen, Lansin, Soekjunn, Piklay, Kerli, Sheauyiing and me... There were altogether 90 cars and 20 prizes (hampers) to be won.
And this, Team KR4 - "Kulim Raiders 4"! Consisting of Soekjunn, me, Chunwai (navigator & Sudoku expert) and Sujea (driver) with his ride!

We flagged off at 8am, and had to reach Intel Kulim site before 1pm max. Could have been earlier if we hadn't got lost at Kulim Hi-tech Park, we reached the final destination at 12.45pm. Along the sunny sweaty way, we had to solve numerous questions by looking hard at the shops' signboards to guess the answer. My friend claims he gets these "Treasure Hunt symptoms" afterwards... always thinking of something fishy when he sees any signboards @_@

One of the things I realised was that in a treasure hunt, the questions are never as direct as you think. It's the words you have to play with in order to get the answer. Shall list down some sample Q&A later, just to give y'all a glimpse... :)

And no, despite our effortless teamwork and brilliance and us being one of the earliest returners, we didn't win a prize... :P Nevermind ppl, now we've got experience, we'll bag it next time! :D

Ending with a group pic... the 4 cars who joined the Intel Malaysia Charity Treasure Hunt '06


pik lay said…
Dizzy after the hunt la
libelly said…
hey xw, nice hair style! I like it... u looks cute with this new hair style
赛柏拉斯 said…
wei.. your hairstyle ng dim lar.. ur 青春气息 gone
HuiMian said…
I joined the Treasure Hunt organised by my company too. It was fun! And we managed to get a 11th placing. Not bad huh, for a car full with Treasure Hunt first-timers. :P

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