Many types of pain...

It's been so long since I've blogged or written anything real. Tried to read an article in Times that TVC posted me but my eyes were so tired and painful that I just couldn't focus on the words.

I wonder, is it worth it to get myself blind before I reach the age of 25? Everyday, just staring at those tiny fonts on bright colourful backgrounds. Now I know why all the Dilbert geeks wear thick glasses all the time. It's to protect their eyes. Duh. Furthermore, geeks shouldn't feel the need to wear contact lenses since no one really bothers to look at them anyway. So it's time for me put on my ugly glasses again. @_@

I even sprained my right wrist while doing some "camel stance" in yoga class yesterday. So it's really a miracle I'm even typing this down. Not mentioning my ass hurts like hell I wince just sitting down or everytime my car crosses over a bumppp (OW!!!) And suddenly it seems clear to me how come the doctor gave me a sinister look when I told her I have a pain in the ass. Oh God. Don't even go there.

And did I mention the countless times somebody stared at my face this week and gasped "Oh, how perfectly symmetrical your pimples are!" ... Better get better soon before Suet Sun's wedding... -_-'''

Lastly, I hope the spots on my body will go away so that I can become a real tanned bikini girl :)


古越遺民 said…
camel stance?????
i wonder how it looks like. can u show me in the mamak stall?

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