Wait A Minute Girl, why you're leavin' like that?

I'm leaving for Cambodia on Saturday morning. It's the year-end trip... which I feel excited yet scared to take... it's a journey to the more under-developed parts of the world.

Deep down I'm actually not that adventurous afterall, I'd rather be on an idyllic holiday sunbathing on a hammock on a bright white beach under shady palm trees and not give a damn about which market to visit next, what food I must try.

Not to mention my greatest fear of forgetting to bring something... even though I've packed myself for more trips that I can remember I still get tensed up at the slightest notion of something slipping thru my mind.

Ah, what the heck... I've packed my one little bag and I'm ready to go... 旅行本来就应该是这样子,简单,随兴,容易。

Happy New Year, everyone, while I'm not around... I guess in faith-challenged times like these everyone should have their duty of praying for peace and hope throughout the world... no more natural disasters, no more war, no more insanity streaks, and no more whales dying stranded in shallow waters. 没有天灾,没有人祸。'07 新年快乐,大家。


Walker said…
it's a journey to the more under-developed parts of the world. ==> Prejudice?
古越遺民 said…
walker, it's a fact. not a prejudice.

xweing, then i shoudn't hv sms u what food to try. wasted my sms nia.

ur trip is an old-aunty type of trip. u should go Bali and bask urself at lovina beach seeing the bubbly dolphines in stead of going cambodia. i think weixuan must hv remorsed to bring an old aunty go backpacking.
Xweing said…
Stupid comments by stupid uncle Zhiwei... hahaha ^_^

Anyway, I did try out the food there... but I'd comparatively loved to see the bubbly dolphins instead of the gruesome killing fields! :-(
古越遺民 said…
pheeew, luckily i didn't bring u go vietnam. wahahaahhaaha
Xweing said…
No need you to "bring"... luckily... :P

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