Color Me Bad!

Some tips for pre-CNY shopping... which colors look best on you?

Taken from eDiets:

How to tell if you are a warm seasons -- autumn or spring?
If your coloring is warm and clear, you are a spring. Springs have golden undertones and creamy white or peachy complexions. They have strawberry blonde, straw-colored hair, or they are redheads with freckles, rosy cheeks and green or blue eyes.

Springs can wear warm and light colors such as salmon, coral, lime, light moss green, apricot, bright yellow, light aqua, light gray, camel.

If your coloring is warm and muted with deep, rich shades, you are an autumn. Autumns have golden undertones and often are redheads or brunettes with brown eyes with golden flecks (their eyes have more contrast compared to the fairer springs).
Autumns do best with yellow undertones and rich, earthy colors such as camel, most browns, golden yellow, moss green, olive, mustard yellow and terracotta.

Are you a cool season -- winter or summer?
If your coloring is cool and clear, you are a winter. Winters have blue or pink undertones with fair skin -- olive or dark. Winters are often brunettes with dark eyes. Most African-Americans and Asians are in this category.

The primary colors and vibrant jewel tones are what winters look best in: black, navy, charcoal gray (for neutrals), hot pink, fuchsia, purple, periwinkle blue, icy blue, pure white, clear or blue-red and royal blue. Avoid oranges, medium browns and camel.

If your coloring is cool and muted, you are a summer. Summers have blue or pinkish undertones. They have pale, pink skin and have natural blonde hair or are brunettes with fair eyes.

Colors that are not overwhelming and strong are best for summers. Pick pastels such as soft pinks, rose, light blue, periwinkle blue, soft white, grey, lavender, peachy pink, clear red, chocolate brown. Avoid black next to the face.


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