Yesterday someone said to me, "I think what you need is bleach."

Damn. And you think I haven't tried it yet?

From Wikipedia:
To bleach something is to remove or lighten its color; a "bleach" is a chemical that can produce these effects, often via oxidation. Household bleach, also known as chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), has a pH level of 11 and is used in the home for whitening clothes, removing stains, and disinfecting. This is because sodium hypochlorite yields chlorine radicals — oxidizing agents readily reacting with many substances. Chlorine is a respiratory irritant. It also attacks mucous membranes and burns the skin.

Now I know why my skin had rashes popping all over it.

I just wanna be fair!!


古越遺民 said…
u know, i hate the smell.

and most guys dun like it, i suppose.
Wei Xuan's sis said…
All you need is to go live in a seasonal country during their autumn and winter. London is a good choice, it's grey all the time. Guarantee you'll be fair in no time, can throw away all your lightening skin care products
p/s: I'm still waiting for your travel blog ler, else ask wei xuan to update his blog :p
pik lay said…
u talking about bleaching clothes? or bleach the skin? i know who is that guy who said the line..he is someone special ya ?
Xweing said…
Bleach skin :)

Nolah, not special at all. Just felt horrible that someone actually asked me to go bleach my skin.
Xweing said…
Wei Xuan's sis:
Oh sorry for the long wait... it's takes a lot of effort to finish writing the travel log... especially the uploading-pictures part!!! So tiresome~

But it's a promise to my few readers I'll try my best to finish writing it~ :-)

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