Human Thermometer

"Fever, sorethroat, slight cough and a running nose."
"Does your throat feel itchy or painful?"
"Painful?? Nope..."
"How's your cough? Any pain?"
"It's actually just a slight one. No pain."
"What's the colour of your phlegm?"
"Er... white??"
"How about your running nose?"
"Well come to think of it, it's not too bad... just a lot of... sniffles..."
"Your temperature is normal."
"Is it? Please check again. I do feel feverish."
"36.6 deg C. It's normal."
"Please check again."
"You're not having a fever."
"Check again!!!"

I guess when you've been to the doctor one too many times, and each time the doctor says you're not sick, that's the point where you begin to lose confidence in gauging your own wellbeing.

But really, is it me, or is it REALLY hot in here??

I mean, I gotta knowww my own anatomy right? If I were a caveman in those prehistoric days, I wouldn't be able to get a doctor, not to mention a plug-in-the-freaking-ear-thermometer to determine whether or not I'm having a fever.

And so I know myself. All these symptoms, leading and fueling a bigger cause. And aren't doctors the ones who are always campaigning that "prevention is better than cure"? So do give me some medicine to prevent the fever from coming, rather than me crawling on all four of my limbs to the clinic when I'm really, really sick... 4 days after.

Well, I guess saying phlegm in front of the doctor is nothing, but saying phlegm to a doctor who is also a prospective boyfriend over dinner does definately indeed, scare him away.


YSLim said…
i guess you enjoy too much of CNY delicious's foods...
leonardlcy said…
Fuh... who's the doctor you dined with? :) Or tengah mengelamun about grey's anatomy issit? hahah...
Xweing said…
Nolah. Real one.
But as I said... kena scared away d... :P
Anonymous said…
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