Without you...

Sorry for being so soppy lately, but there I was, taking my nice cold shower, while I suddenly thought of what I heard yesterday on Light FM: "Don't marry someone you have to live with; instead, marry someone you can't live without."

It striked me as unlikely, that how can two people be physically so far apart... yet still call themselves lovers... Doesn't this account as having someone that you can live without? But you're still in love with him/ her... while having a distance of a few hundred km between both of you?

That's just so weird... if you'd really loved your special other, wouldn't you give up everything, jobs, money, family... just to be by his/ her side? There's no bullshitting about how all of this is just temporary, you're looking ahead to a future together... what's important is, can you really NOT live without him/ her? All those lonely nights eating dinner on your ownself, those grousy phonecalls when you wish you could just reach out and hold him/ her close while whispering your heart out, and spending Valentine's alone... really, why wouldn't lovers rather be together?

That's still really a mystery to me... cos I can't figure out why two lovers would rather not live without. Someone, please enlighten me.

Anywayz, to those of you my dearest friends who're going to be with your loved ones this holiday, a Happy Chinese New Year and sincere blessings to you! :-)


Anonymous said…
doood u blog???
well Happy Chinese New Year and a belated Valentine Day :)
senglok said…
Maybe because we can't live on love alone...Would you be happy to be in a terrible place just to be with your bf? For me...I can't live without love...but I definately can't live without money...so there...

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