Chick of the month... Meagan Good (Stomp The Yard)

I seriously think that Afro-American chicks are the hottest! Think Beyoncé...

With their tumbling raven locks, big eyes, honey skin, full lips(!!!), nice butt and long legs that truly fills up those jeans, they steal the show, man! They also look more down-to-earth than the aristocratic white chicks who look haughty (think Paris Hilton...) so, black chicks are hot!


So, how long has it been since we last watched a movie together?
I think it was almost 8 years ago... on my 16th birthday, right?
The movie was "Shakespeare in Love",
I was in Love...
Such a nice movie,
But I didn't really watch it...
I was too excited just being beside you for the first time.

Yesterday we watched Stomp the Yard.
For once, I had no special feeling as I sat beside you.
Am I starting to get over you?
Or have I just resigned to the fact that you'll never see me standing in front of you...

However there are some things that still keep me going...
Your intelligence and sensibility that lifts you high above all others
Your hidden compassion that I just discovered
When you touched the bruise on my arm and asked
"Why didn't they take the main vessel?"
Your placid composure that hangs on the edge of coldness but is actually just you being yourself
You saying that you're just nearby every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday...
By all those things
I know I shouldn't despair...
No, not just yet...

I close my eyes,
And I say a little prayer
For your friend in need
May he get over his cancer...
And be strong as he receives his treatment...
May he be blessed with the power of the Lord
The Spirit of healing to wash over him
And make the cancer go away
For he is your child oh Lord,
Please have mercy on him.


nYnY_berrY said…
Let me guess... Is it your doctor fren? ;) Take care yah my dear! Muaks. Let's pray for his fren! Hope he will get well soon. [-o<

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