Recently I have been influenced by some fellow bloggers/ friends to treat my blog like a private journal, with no specific topic, but just to jot down random thoughts after calling it a day.

I know I am stressed out when I can't fully contemplate the simple experience of watching a simple, uncomplicated movie. I know I am stressed out when I feel like vomitting everyday and endure revisits of horror, horror gastrectasis.

Ok I know my ever-caring friends will just tell me to take it easy. Oh I know... I'll take care of myself and hope the pain and stress just disappears one of these days. Anyhow, thank you for your concern :)

I hate the girl-game. I hate society. I hate the boycotting where I have to fake a smile to concerned gazes and swallow the feeling of abandonment. Even though I've spent 10 years in a convent environment, I swear to this day I still don't know how to deal with cruel girlish boycotts. I'll just retreat to my shell where I can find solace in comfortable thoughts and reading or by having interesting conversations with others. I hate foolish mouths who pass judgement on me just because I mix with a certain crowd. I can actually mix easily with anybody, as long as the conversation suits my taste. But for those whom I find desperately boring, sorry, recently I'm just not in the mood/ nor have the leisure to care about your feelings.

I feel sad because I miss going to the movies with you. Did you know that recently I've watched many, many movies? But I guess you don't really care, do you? Cos you would have asked... if you even cared.

It's just that... sad movies, always make me cry... and I need you by my side.


leonardlcy said…
The "you" finally came out of the closet in English. hahah...
soekjunn said…
The girlish boycotts, the society, the gastric, the recoiling you have.. you are in depression, no?

I think all these are due to the moody feeling you have. One easily feel herself/himself has been treated unfairly during moody time. (I might be wrong for your case?)

How about taking a good care of yourself and don't think too much? I believe you will find your way out from the cloud soon.

Let's have yoga on coming Thursday? :)
Xweing said…
Sigh... yes, I am/was in depression.

But I'm feeling much better now!

You're right... I need to take care of myself... and yoga is indeed de-stressing!!! ;-)

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