It's a Spitz!

Came back from lunch at 12:40p.m. so I think I'd blog a little...

My friend said recently I look very 容光焕发. And yes, I do think my cheeks look a bit flushed. But I didn't do any exercise this week. Yeap, no karate, no swimming, no yoga, no jogging. Lazy me. Maybe it's due to the nice nice soups me and Kelly cooked this week - herbal chicken soup on Tuesday, ABC soup on Wednesday! My friend said maybe it's due to 爱情的滋润... hahaha... I wish!!

And I finally found out what type of breed my dog is!

Went jogging with Leonard on Sunday at Sg. Nibong park and we saw a beautiful dog in one of the houses.

Me: "Hey, that's my dog!"
Leonard: "Yeah it's a Spitz."
Me: "Oooh..."

From Wikipedia, Spitz is characterized by "...its thick fur, fluffy ruff, curled tail (to the front) and small muzzle and ears..."

Which is like my dog!

You don't know, my dad and I had been cracking our heads and searching Popular bookstore for all types of dog-breeds but never come across this one. So happy Leonard pointed this out to me :D

And now the next thing is to name my dog. Yeah, my dog hasn't had a name yet... we still call her 小狗... hahaha... guess my family likes to start names with a "Xiao"...

Shall I name her Whisky after Leo's dead dog? On second thought... uhuh. Another suggestion came from Sujea that I name my dog Lubby or Ruby... cos he says it's a magical name for all dogs in Sarawak that they respond to the name Lubby.

Sujea: "This is how we do it in Sarawak... '...zk zk zk Lubby zk zk zk...' This is why I like the song Ruby so much..."

But my dog doesn't have ruby-coloured fur! And neither does she stay in Sarawak.

Maybe I shall name her Penryn...


leonardlcy said…
I had 2 dogs and coincidentally both were Spitz, well, Whisky was a pure bred german spitz, while Crude was a spitz-mongrel (ok, ok , a mongrel with a spitz tail...). And yes, both are dead.
pik lay said…
Penryn sound ok.. why don't u call it leo?

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