My First Karate Grading


Last Sunday (11th March), I went for my first ever Karate grading test at Y.M.C.A. Penang. I was to take the exam to go from white belt (jyudan) to green belt (kyudan).

As I already have some background in martial arts, I didn't really worry much beforehand as I expected it to be a breeze for me. Getting there was the hardest part - I'd never driven to town alone and you know how crazy the Sunday traffic can get in Penang. But with the help from a church friend, a good scout who drew me a very detailed map (North all the way!!), complete with landmarks and all, I managed to reach there without anything dramatic happening.

In fact, I was 45 minutes too early when I reached at 3.15pm for the 4.00pm grading. Hahaha... so I spent 15 minutes in the bathroom changing into my robes and tying my hair up. Then I went into the hall to wait for my other karate-ka friends.

The exam started off by a blackbelt guy (fit, hairy... in other words, cute, very cute!) chasing us into line formation (10... 9... 8... Hurry up! Where's your discipline!). After leading us to do some warm-up exercises, the blackbelt proceeded around the hall to check on each of us... until he came and stood in front of me, and his gaze rested on mine. My heart skipped a beat. He leaned in close, and whispered... "You got your robe on wrong."

Immediately, my cheeks felt as if they were on fire!!! And I quickly flew to the back of the hall to rearrange my robes -_-'''

It was no less easier for me as the grading started... as I looked around the hall, with my number 7 (for good luck) pinned to the left of my breast... I couldn't see anyone my height donning a whitebelt... well, except for one, others were all kids! I looked down superiorly, and asked the kid standing on my right... "So, how old are you?" He showed me a hand. 5?!! A red belt in taekwondo and I am now taking my green belt exam in the company of barely school-going age kids!!!

Anyhow, like I expected, taking the exam was a breeze. Another blackbelt guy (less cute... Boring) demonstrated the moves on stage, while all we had to do was just to mimic the moves correctly. Other blackbelt elders rounded the hall to jot down our marks. Sometimes I looked to my right and saw the little boy rolling on the floor between breaks. -_-'''

White belt karate-ka had only to do simple moves in each series of movements, and could retire early after the fundamentals were over. I mentally practised my kata a few times before I went up to the front to perform. I managed to remember everything and did all the moves correctly - while reminding myself not to bounce up-and-down (like taekwondo) like what my sensei always reminded me. As for the 5-year old boy, he performed the kata like dancing in a kindergarten stage performance, but I still commend his cleverness in remembering all the moves!

And so... I passed my green-belt exam... hehe ^_^

And almost got picked-up by a guy (the other white belt karate-ka who's above my height) who's also, coincidentally, an Intellier. Gosh... this is so cliché...

Stay tuned... for more news, from the karate-kid! "Kiyaii!!!"


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