Easter Weekend

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, for he is risen!

I had lotsa fun this weekend... despite losing my beloved denim skirt and phone pocket and handsfree (see previous post)... I had the feeling that I fully utilized every single moment of my time this weekend.

On Friday night, I attended my Masters course from 7.30-10.30p.m.

And on Saturday morning, class continued in the earlier part of the day from 9.00am-2.00p.m. Chiew Yun was here in Penang for her company's furniture fair in Queensbay Mall, so Leonard and I went to find her for lunch. We had a flaming lunch at Manhattan's Fish Market. Lovely! And glad that someone actually dreamt of the chicken-floss butter bread that I made for breakfast... :D Went back and got some beauty sleep for less than 2 hours, and I was out again with Hong and Kelly to find CY again for dinner at Lan Kwai Fong, opposite QB. My gay friend wasn't able to make it for dinner, albeit his promise. And after dinner, straightaway took off in Leo's Fifi to Batu Feringghi with the girls and Julian and Adrian. We had a peaceful, enjoyable chat about corny love-stuff (the boys!) and horoscopes and travels to Japan and Spain and Sabah in a nice little bistro by the beach called Sunset Bistro. Couldn't see the moon as it was on the other side.

Patrick Leong in action

On Sunday morning, I attended the Easter service at Dewan Sri Pinang as usual with James, and managed to tag Leonard along as well. Hahaha. I was picturing a nice Easter celebration with Resurrection sketches and all but halfway through the worship it seemed like it was just a normal combined church service for Penang First AOG. Sorry Leonard, hahaha, but you did enjoy the Patrick Leong's renditions and the tambourine chicks :P We had lunch afterwards in a beautifully decorated little Taiwan restaurant in One-Stop and listened to James' interesting Biblical facts. This Easter, I couldn't really get the message the guest speaker at Penang First was preaching... so I bought the Easter copy of "Every Day with Jesus" at Salvation. Hope I'll understand more about the true meaning of Easter after reading this... a relationship with Christ. At night, after eating Kelly's delicious/ nutritious homecooked meal, we sped off to QB again to watch The Reaping. Talk about a Biblical Sunday... :P And I almost laughed my head off when Kelly and Leo got on stage for the weigh-but-only-accurate-gets-the-prize contest organized by Slimming Sanctuary. Well, you would have won hands down if it were only the weigh-the-lightest contest. :P

Leo and Kelly in action


pik lay said…
Haha... Leonard pok mong!!

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