My Green Bus

Love is like boarding a bus
The yellow one that you wait for never comes
Or is either late

When the green one comes you hesitate whether to get on it
Because you don’t know the route that it’ll take
Or where it will bring you to

Green ones just pass you by and by
Yet you never get on…
Still waiting for the yellow one

Until one day you get so darn fed-up of waiting any longer
You see a green bus
Hail it
And get on
And you’ll be surprised
It carries you away to the land of dreams…

And one day you'll find
That there's something more than just the trip on the green bus you enjoy
Not just the jazzy music it plays
Not the aircon not the comfy seats not the endless supply of icecream
Nor the lovely country view outside the window

You start to wonder why
Then one fine day you find flakes of green on the seat
You see a reflection on the glass windows outside
The skin of the bus starts to peel

And you suddenly realise
That underneath that dingy colour of green
Lies that shiny coat of yellow that you've been waiting for all along

My Green Bus...


jwlaw83 said…
Do you purposely put as "Green" bus? He likes green :P

pik lay said…
I saw your green bus in QB yesterday!!!
Fang Fang said…
Green means ON right?
Xweing said…
Yup he likes green. Olive green.

Me: "JW... Green hor, macam MBI 垃圾车 hor..."
JW: "是咯,把你这包垃圾丢上车载走咯.."
Me: -_-'''

To Fang Fang and more others who wanna know whether we ON or not...

Be patient... Episode 2 coming...
YSLim said…
other than green and yellow, there r many bus too...

white, blue, red...haha!
Xweing said…
Is it heading to France?
KellYg@n said…
Fang Fang said…
hehe i think i got the answer from the blog of the happiest guy. Congrates!

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