Food Loft

I liked the mood yesterday...
just sitting there holding hands with the one you like
at a place by the sea
while sipping ice-blended juice
and listening to big-band swing and jazz

They were playing:
Aretha Franklin - Say A Little Prayer for You
Diana Krall - The Look of Love
Sam Cooke - What A Wonderful World This Would Be
Frank Sinatra - Moon River

I liked it even more...
just lying by your side
at a place called home
with your arms around me
and humming along to songs

We sang:
Robbie Williams - Better Man
Beatles - All My Loving
Mika - Grace Kelly

P/S: I got licked by Elmo, a toy-poodle during breakfast this morning! Other than that, I had half-boiled eggs and sweet kaya-toasted bread. *Smiles!*


古越遺民 said…
ooops! i thought u said u will remain 'that' for a little while?
Xweing said…
Lol! Still 'that'... dun worry ;-)
nYnY_berrY said…
What's that? Curious.... can tell?

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