is only what I can say now.

Sorry for breaking your trust in me.
Sorry for hurting you.
Sorry for damaging our wonderful, long, built-up friendship.

If I could turn back time, I would have never said those words.
I'm so sorry...
Hope you will forgive me tomorrow.

A Continuation:
After this incident, I realised that some secrets are meant to be kept.
For secrets are like jewels between friends,
They determine the value of a friendship,
And trust.
A treasure, a solemn pledge that's supposed to last for eternity.

I'm only so glad that a timely and sincere apology was accepted,
and broken feelings mended,
and smiles and laughter exchanged once again,
and sorrows forgotten.

And I'm thankful also for other friends who supported and believed in us both;
Who showed me the meaning of true friendship,
That a true fire can withstand the mockery of harsh words and time.

Thank you my friend,
I'm so proud to have you as my friend. :)


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