Mushroom Chicken

Just want to spend some minutes out from my busy schedule to blog down something.

Yesterday I cooked dinner for my beloved one. Though not a great feat, but I thought to myself on Wednesday night as I was massaging the chicken at midnight, "Hey, this is the first time I've actually chopped and marinated a chicken." Hahaha...

So it is true when they say a girl will learn to cook for her loved one... hahaha... but due to my unhoned culinary skills I specifically asked my mom for the easiest and yet impressive way to cook mushroom chicken. Oh yeah, I wanted to cook mushroom chicken cos he loves mushroom. All kinds of mushroom. He's Mario!

Felt utterly contented when I heard him keep on saying "perfect, perfect, perfect" at the dinner table (other 2 friends were rolling their eyes... haha) and "我觉得很幸福..." afterwards.

Menu (He forgot to take pics):
- Steamed broccolli
- Canned beans
- Old cucumber + chicken soup
and the main course:
- Mushroom chicken marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce and cornflour


pik lay said…
"he loves mushroom. All kinds of mushroom. He's Mario!"

I loves all kind of mushrooms. I am Mario ?

Love really change a person.. kakakkaka...
古越遺民 said…
your blog topics start getting mundane -.-

i'm still waiting for u to get bored of blogging this topic.
shinhuey said…
i also want some..... cook for me. heheheh:)

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