My Groovy Birthday

Turning 24, I had 5 birthday celebrations planned out for me this year. It's like all my birthday celebrations for the past few years suddenly lumped into a series of successive events in one go.

On Sunday night, KK had already been the first to kickstart my birthday celebrations by buying me a lovely Baskin Robbins heart-shaped ice-cream cake. This is the second time since my childhood birthday that I have eaten a B.R. ice-cream cake! I cut it to share with all my other colleagues... Although the cake was cold and the weather was chilly, I felt warm deep down inside because I felt very touched to have a best friend that's willing to spend so much from her salary to buy me such a lovely cake. Thanks again, KK, for buying me and Leonard lunch and dinner while we were at Genting! ;)

My best friend KK and I during lunch at Hainan Place, Genting Highlands

Two weeks back, I was still in a blur trying to settle all my workmail flying to and fro when Kelly asked me whether I was free on Tuesday.

Kelly: "JK, me and Hong would like to invite you for dinner on us on Tuesday."
Xwei: "But I'm very busy recently. Maybe I'll have to work late on Tuesday."
Kelly: "But it's for you-know-what..."
Xwei: "What?"
Kelly: "You-know-what lorr..."
Xwei: "What?? Tell me..."
Kelly: "This will be the last you-know-what celebration for you before I go off to Japan..."
Xwei: "Ohhhhhhhhhh... *blur*"

So we chilled at Bagan on Tuesday night. I bought them mocktails, and they bought me two pieces of cake. I had a Pussy Foot to drink, and Belgian Truffle and Almond Chocolate Cake. The night was fantastic, the environment trendy to bits and the absolutely soulful singer there chose to sing me a jazz number "Happy Days" for my birthday when the clock stroke midnight. Thanks to Kelly and Hong's cameras... I managed to record a video clip of the song, which I'll play whenever I feel down to remind me of those happy days.

Happy Days
Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!

And though the settings were entirely different, I couldn't help but feel that the four of us were transported back to our Alpha Days sitting and chatting in the mamak stall. Wish we'll do more of this in the future...!

Just the four of us: JK, Kelly, me & Hong

Belgian Truffle

Almond Chocolate Cake

This is my very first birthday present this year from Kelly who has nice taste in makeup! A KATE by Kanebo velvet/blue eyeshadow pallette... Finally, I can have purple eyes! \:D/

The next day when I stepped into the office, I was astonished to see a balloon hanging over my cube. My dear bought it for me to wish me a Groovy Birthday! \:D/

There's yet another present lying on my table nicely wrapped in a little box. It's a blue lightning hairclip from Pik Lay and Soek Junn! How these people know what I want beats me!!! The "Kungfu" lollipop next to it was given to me by PL. Thanks for the encouragement and birthday wishes from both of you... ^_^

At midday, my lovely buddy Pik Lay took the time and trouble to organize a nice birthday luncheon for me at Ichyo, I-Avenue. One sad/(happy!) event was that it was also Chin Leong's farewell that day. I wished him blue skies and an even better future ahead in his new company! I'm sure my wish will come true since it was my birthday :D

Angel with a halo

My birthday cake!

Colleagues @ Ichyo Birthday + Farewell Gathering

When I came back to my cube after a full lunch, I was surprised to see a note on my whiteboard saying that my batch of GTs would be having another round of celebrations down at the cafeteria during tea time. Another cake!!! Hahaha... This was fabulous chocolate cheese cake. Thanks a bunch to Shin Huey for buying the cake and for giving me the largest piece with strawberry on top, to Huey Fen for calling me down, to Sze Hui for her camera and to all the other guys who sang "Xiao Wei" at the cafe!

At night, my darling Leonard brought me to TGIF for a FUN night out! As my birthday gift, he gave me his heart, along with many little hearts! Hmm... I wonder what the many little hearts mean... 多心? Hahahha... Ideally, that's the best present a girl could ever have: her man's heart ^_^ Realistically, he gave me a car mp3 player! *GLAD*

At TGIF, there was this obnoxious waiter who kept on prancing around in front of me to gain my attention while I was trying to eat and charm my guy at the same time. After a while,

Leonard: "Didn't you notice something special about that waiter?"
Xwei: "Err... nope." *Continues munching on the buffalo wings*
Leonard: "Really didn't notice anything special?"
Xwei: *Rolls eyes... cracks head*
Xwei: "Yeah... he's got braces on..."
Leonard: *Faint

The fact was, he actually went to S&J to find a complete set of badges to form "HAPPY BDAY XWEI" and asked the TGIF waiter to wear on his vest! The moment I saw it, I felt so sweet...! The waiter said next time he would use this on his girlfriend cos no one had ever thought of it before *Sweet*


And if you think that's all of it, just yesterday I got this through my mail... from SpiderBerry, my sweet ex-roomie! Hope SpiderBerry gets over her insect bites soon... ^__^

As a result of my 3 cakes + 3 pieces of cake and food binging throughout my birthday week, I added on 2 kg...! :((~~~


libelly said…
wah so romantic!!!!
I want cake!!
I want hearts!!!
古越遺民 said…

it's like tiok 馬標!so many thing u goooooot!!!
pik lay said…
"The "Kungfu" lollipop next to it was given to me by PL"

Hey, wrong wrong!! Totally wrong.
It is from all of us, i lazy to name all of them.. But we have 22 people!!
weixuan said…
the most elaborated birthday celebration ever!!!
abeautifulmind said…

干拜下风。(about the final part of this entry, of course)
Xweing said…
Kekeke... thx to my friends and dear, of course :)

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