One Heart, Two Hearts :)

He gave me a heart (shaped nugget) today during breakfast. That's so sweet... :)

This morning I woke up to a lot of lizard-shit on the floor. I'm guessing either the lizard must have ate something wrong to get a serious case of diarrhoea, or, I maybe turning into Cicak-girl anytime soon...

Yesterday I blew the 24-seconds whistle for PDC Basketball for the first time. Shucks, I don't even watch basketball. But I did okay, didn't I? It's just blowing the whistle when the 24 seconds for each offensive side are up, during player-substitution, and during timeout. Thanks to Julian for guiding me and taking all the blames during the first game... haha :)

Haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately... due to some boisterous ruckus going on... but I got myself a RM25 bolster at the Jusco member sales yesterday... and I slept comfily throughout the night! I still like my noisy bolster though... :)

Am still feeling a bit sad because I still haven't gotten any greenlight from Intel to sponsor my Masters studies yet... therefore I need to defer my studies till the next intake. Hopefully the decision can go through by then...

Sujea sent me a link which led to the blog of the girl who died after 8-hours of prolonged usage of her laptop on her... lap. Singaporeans can really express themselves, man. Anyways I found some good readings in her blog, and also many similarties in her thoughts with mine. I'll make it a point to finish reading all her entries... and that she did leave a mark in this world when she left.

Talking about Singapore, my boyfriend asked me to go to Singapore with him in June! I've never really been to Singapore yet except for that stupid Leo Forum back in 1999 where we had to stay cooped up in the resort for 3 days while enduring all the snide remarks from arrogant S'pore girls. Still can't get over that impression of S'poreans. And Ye Hsin's staying there! Must visit her and introduce our boyfriends... :D

Zhiwei said I've been blogging too much about Love recently. Okay, I shall make it a point to finish blogging about my Siem Reap trip and publish my HK trip post as well this weekend.


libelly said…
At 1st I thought he make you a cup of milk with a red color liquid in the middle....haha
许传真 said…
Dun care wat zhiwei said.just blog it as usual..cos i m enjoying to read ur love story.hehe.....:P

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