1 Year @ Intel

So this is how it feels like after being flung out into society to work for one full year.

Not too happy, not too sad;
Mom's just happy I haven't gone crazy yet!

Today I was supposed to go out with my same batch of Graduate Trainee friends to celebrate our 1 Year @ Intel at Mount Eskine eating cheap, Western food. Instead, I'm stuck here at the office doing OverTime to rush for project deadline. How ironic. Don't ask me why it's ironic; it just feeeeeeeeeeels ironic. OK?

During my 1 Year @ Intel, I had:

-managed to convert into permanent status;
-released from JPA scholarship bond;
-made many friends and maintained existing relationships;
-owned something at work;
-learnt Unix & wrote a few Perl scripts... hahaha;
-found the most wonderful man in my life;
-crashed into a motorbike;
-cried a little;
-smiled a lot;
-still managed to dilligently update my blog;
-changed a new candybar phone and back to an old clamshell one used by my brother;
-reverted back to my original hairstyle when I first came in to work;
-upped my cholesterol level;
-been hiking up Penang Hill, Bukit Jambul and Pantai Kerachut;
-visited a few cities/countries: HK + Macau, Cambodia, Bangkok

Resolution for the forthcoming year(s), I must:

-ramp up, RAMP UP!!!
-gain more technical expertise and knowledge of project architecture!!!
-be more skillful and clear-headed;
-take on more responsibilities to make sure I'm still around for next-next-focal;
-finish my unfinished paperwork;
-learn to smile more to friends and maintain my friendships;
-be a better daughter and sis;
-buy a new camera phone;
-down my cholesterol level;
-hike more and swim more;
-get a new haircut;
-save up for Down Under trip with my family;
-read more books and magazines;
-finish my drama series;
-finish writing my travel blog!

A little bit here concerning my cholesterol level... I did my BP Lab medical healthcheck the other day and when the results came back, my Total Cholesterol was at an alarming high! Luckily after my medical consultation, the guy told me that the Total Cholesterol numbers didn't really mean anything since they were derived from equations and not measured; but it was important to look at the Triglycerides and LDL numbers, which, fortunately, weren't so alarming afterall. Those, coupled with my Uric Acid levels, were enough for him to send me off with reminders that I should cut down on peanuts, red meat and do more exercise!


pik lay said…
My cholestrol level also high.. sob sob
rukawa said…
dude, congrate for completing your one year at the i place.
btw, how come your resolutions first few are all work? Still not learnt from the past?
Xweing said…
What you mean learnt from the past?? Dun understand..?

Mmm... work resolutions simply because the post was about my 1st year @ Intel.

Other resolutions saja put...

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