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Monday, June 25, 2007

槟城小笼包 Dragon Dumplings in Penang

It's amazing how God created our environment in different palettes of blue... the skies, the sea... and everytime you turn, it's a different shade of blue you see. I realise that I only tend to notice the skies when I'm carefree. It's a kind of discreet indicator to myself of how busy my days are.

I went to service my Izzy during lunchtime. I was supposed to do this a few months back, but I kept on procrastinating until I started to hear some squeaking whenever I shifted gears or hit the brakes. I paid RM314 to change 2 tyres, oil filter and black oil (What's the correct name for this?). And my ride feels so smooth now... but dad said I was overcharged.

Leonard brought me to eat small dragon dumplings 小笼包 for lunch. I took one soft bite at the top of the dumpling and siphoned the soup out with my tongue. It tasted so good... not very oily, I just wish there was more soup filling in my dumpling. It reminds me of the mornings in Shanghai where we ate breakfast in the hotel... 小笼包 for one whole week. Shanghai's 小笼包 are piping hot (you can actually see white smoke spiralling out when you bite the skin open); however they are more oily and the pau skin's thicker. I feel the 小笼包 served in QB tastes more exquisite. But they need to improve their service, many waiters running around but no one seems to know which table to serve and which order to prioritise.

This rabbit belongs to Soek Junn. It's a product of Bron (the rabbit that bit me) and Belle, so SJ calls it BB. The way she took this photo somewhat reminds me of those illustrations in the Peter Rabbit books... little Peter Rabbit down by the creek, blissfully unaware of what's going on around him. Sometimes when you're busy and stressed, it's beautiful real-life photos like this sent by friends that really makes your day :)

Mom packed me many things to bring back to Penang that day. Dumplings, sweet potato, lo duck, chicken soup, apples and oranges, bananas, mango and papaya. Nowadays she packs things in two. It's lovely when your parents approve of your relationship and cares for your other half :)

On another note, after watching Shrek I had a sudden interest to Wiki up fairytales. While reading an entry on Sleeping Beauty today, I was shocked to find that in other variations of the fairytale, Prince Charming actually attacked Sleeping Beauty in her sleep and impregnated her -_-''' This is a very interesting website to read about fairytales (adult reading), the best part is it includes annotations and modern-day takes on the story.


rukawa said...

is lubricant oil a.k.a black oil
btw, next time pack for 3 lar, no need ur mum to approve friendship, just want to fill my stomach, kekekeke...

junny said...

Thanks for the rabbit posting.. my BB on your post!

Xweing said...

Hehehe... you come Ipoh visit first lah, Rukawa.