The Fight...

One day the Gingerbread Man, with too much free time on his hands,
approached Pinocchio for a fight.
"Hands up, Pinocchio!!!"
he said in his squeaky little voice.

But little did he know that Pinocchio was not one to be easily challenged.
Wham! Bang!
"Let's see whose hands are up now!"

Pinocchio grabs Gingy by the head!
"I'm gonna show you who's boss!!"

"Oh no~!"
"Not my sugar-coated nose!"

Few minutes later, leaning against a coffeecup...
"No... no... Pinocchio... spare me... Ahhhhhhh..."

"Run, run, as fast as you can... the Freddy's comin' to get ya~"

Gingerbread Man managed to escape from the cluctches of woody Pinocchio...
But at last, he ended up in Sujea's coffeecup...
Hahaha ^_^

-Photos courtesy of Sujea -

Leonard bought me a Gingerbread Man and Puss-in-Boots the other day at McDonald's.
Gingerbread Man looks bullied and sad all the time.
When you push its buttons, it says,
"Don't worry!"
"Not my gumdrop buttons!"

Puss-in-Boots voice is just plain creepy.
"Fear me if you dare!"
"I gotta go."

But I wanted it cos Leonard looks like it when it does its wide-eyed kitten look.
Pinocchio is not mine, it belongs to someone else.
It reminds me of those scarecrow figures in that Japanese horror flick.

I love my McD toys~


pik lay said…
I like the ginger breadman too. So cute. :D How much each?
junny said…
hahaaha.. so funny
leonardlcy said…
So, how did you managed to decipher gingerbrad man's muffled speech? All I can hear was "mff mff mff mff...mff mff"
KellYg@n said…
I like the ginger bread man also!!~hehe..and you are very keng ler..look EXACTLY like Toy Story static teaser.You have the talent to be director!~
KellYg@n said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Xweing said…
To PL: I think RM4 if you just buy the toy. RM2 if you buy the Happy Meal package.

To Leo: Who's Gingerbrad? Ginger + Brad Pitt? Mmmff... would love that in my room wahahahha... well, I found out what he said thru Yahoo Answers!
rukawa said…
what he said???
btw, y suddenly Sujea in the story? Spoilt it only :p
Xweing said…
He said, "Not my gumdrop buttons..."

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