R.I.P. - Poem for A Friend

Why do people die?
It feels so disheartening to know that life can go away in just a snap of a moment.

You might not even think of Death at such a young age
Nor would the word Cancer even come to mind
For you are only 24

What happened?
It's not even in my place now to ask
For you are already dead
And nothing can be reversed to the way it were before

When I felt so sorrowful,
People asked me, "Were you very close with him?"
I don't understand...
Does proximity determine the volume of tears you shed?
I would have cried for you too...

So yes I knew him,
But just for a little while...
Wafi, with his doe-like eyes and ever-ready smile
One of the few Malay friends that I ever knew
He was in my class in Alpha Group 9
He'd always greet me with that cheerful grin
and remind me Xwei how cute you are!

I never thought that your days on earth would be so few
So here's a tribute to you as angels take you aflight
Short as it may come
But dude forever I will remember that smile on your face
and those memories will never be erased

R.I.P. - Wafi


junny said…
Really sorry to know about this. R.I.P
rukawa said…
my condolence...

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