Spaces, anyone?

And so, our PM got married. Again.

When the news first broke out, my friend said to me unbelievingly: "What? I'm not even married and he's getting married twice?!"

And I thought love was supposed to be eternal.

Until my bf told me: "That's why they say 'Till Death do us Part'." -_-'''

And it did not help when the PM further added:
"I believe God has created in your heart many spaces for different people that you can love as much as you want. You can love your wife. You can love your mother. But you never compare. How can you compare your love for your mother and the love for your wife? God has created the capacity for us to love and to develop relations. That's important. "

So??? Does that mean that your heart can be filled and filled with more and more people to "love", eg. MORE WIVES, as long as there is space? And does that make it probable to compare people under the same category (not mom-vs-wife, but gf-vs-gf, gf-vs-exgf and the like...)?

I just don't get it when they say you can comparmentalise your heart and fill it up with different loving. Cos I never do that. I just mkdir 2 folders in my heart, one is LOVE and the other is RecycleBin. And when someone is out of my life, I just dump them all into the RecycleBin.

I just can't believe guys............. *shakes head*


shinhuey said…
I guess he got 1Gig of space :)

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