Bad luck comes in threes...

I can't believe my season of bad luck is here!

Yesterday I had to climb 17 floors up to my apartment again because BOTH the damn Thyssenkrup lifts were out of order. Can you believe it?! I waited and waited for half an hour for the repairman to get them fixed... then he said he had to wait for another foreman to come fix it! So I climbed my way up, with one laptop pack, one luggage bag, one heavy thermos flask, and two big plastic bags filled with fruits and foodstuff! I almost fainted when I reached the top.

And today I cut my finger. I was taking some Primrose Oil out from the glass bottle when it fell and shattered. While picking up the shards I accidentally cut my pinky finger.

Darn it. And they say bad luck comes in threes. I can't anticipate what's the third thing that's gonna happen to me (tomorrow)... *shuts eyes!*


jwlaw83 said…
Pity xwei, hope you get the "keep fit" effect after all the hardwork climbing up. I'm glad that I'm staying at 9th floor :)
leonardlcy said…
Look at the bright side... should be quite an amount of calories burnt!

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