Langkawi Revisited! Part 2: Pulau Langkawi

The four of us - Kelly, her friend Teck Loong, Leonard and I, took off at 9am on a beautiful Saturday morning from Bayan Lepas International Airport. The skies were blue and the clouds were clear... how I wished that this weather would last till the next day. :)

Firefly Airlines uses Fokker F50 turboprop powered aircraft which looks very cute like this. The propellers are black and white like a zebra and the snout looks as cute as a little dolphin's. I don't understand why they say they're "Malaysia's First Community Airline" though... I thought AirAsia was the first?

"Ready for takeoff!"

Do we look like Firefly air-stewardesses? ^_^

It's quite tight inside a Fokker F50. There are only 50 seats, and Teck Loong commented that it was even tighter than a bus. A bit cheapskate, the air-stewardesses are only wearing T-shirts and PDI khakis, and even the menu is on photostated paper. However I felt the comfort level was still OK, moreover, it only took us 20-25 minutes to touchdown on Langkawi.

Our first stop, was of course, to the cable car station in Oriental Village (remember I pledged to take the ride in my previous post?) Siang Leng told me to go early to beat the crowd. Sure enough, it was a breeze through to the counter and, if you show your MyKad, you only need to pay RM15 for your way up!

Cable car dots in the sky

The cable car ride was way cool because it's scarier than the Genting one! (Can imagine Pik Lay screaming on her way up...) It's steeper, and there's a huge distance in between towers! It's also far more beautiful because of the mountains and the fabulous view of the sea and the white, sandy beaches!

No towers in between~

Sea or sky? That's the Andaman down there...

Telaga Tujuh

So many mountain peaks

Suspension Bridge!

There are two cable car stations. From the ground level, a cable car will bring you up to the first station where the first obersavation tower is. Then take another cable car up to the second station where there is a second and third observation tower. Upon reaching there, you can take a small path down the hill to the suspension bridge. It's about 600-700m above sea level and the whole bridge is just suspended from one supporting pillar!


~Scaredy cat in the middle~


Upon descending from the cable car, we went to the petting zoo inside the Oriental Village to take a look at the critters there.

I don't know whether this is Bambee or Sang Kancil

Dirty vs clean... Looks familiar? Hehe ^_^


Reminiscent of Anna & The King

Kelly said she want to touch it

Langkawi is Geopark now!

After the Oriental Village we went to The Loaf to look at Mahathir's buns again. Food there was pretty high-end, so we decided to eat at Pantai Cenang. On the drive there, Leonard kept on exclaiming "The drive is so smooth! There are no cars around! So nice!"... It was not until many minutes had passed until we realised that we had made a wrong turn and were heading towards Pantai Pasir Hitam at the north part of the island! -_-''' No wonder no cars...

No worries, after making a correct turn back at Pantai Kok (thanks to our navigator Teck Loong) we arrived at Best Star Resort and had our lunch at the Chinese restaurant beside it :) Price was reasonable, about RM10 per pax, albeit everything tasted similar :P

After dumping our bags in the hotel room, we went to Zon beside Underwater World to do some shopping. I MUST remember no matter what, to buy my Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds Nougats from there next time! Cos it's the ONLY place on the island that sells the Extra Creamy nougats.

Next, we went to Legend Park beside Helang Square to get a summary of all the legends of Langkawi. The Park was officiated by Tun Mahathir. If he were to take a walk in the park, I guess he would be sad to see, like most parks/ structures in Malaysia, the place was not properly maintained. The water in the ponds were stagnant, and the tembelang structure was, literally, tembelang pecah. Talk about first world architecture, third world mentality!

I wouldn't say the Legend Park looked ethereal, in fact, it looked a bit creepy with tombstone-like things at the avenue and gigantic hands suddenly raising out of the ground like some Michael Jackson Thriller MTV; however, it's really a nice place to be if you wanna read about all of the legends of mysterious Langkawi :)

Doesn't look like the Champs D' Elysees
Hey, why are you groping my wrists?!

In spite of the HOT weather, the skies actually managed to cloud over and rain in just a matter of seconds!!! Eerie! So we ran to the car and headed to the nearby Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall for some shopping (see Part 1 for our victories). When the rain stopped, we went to Eagle Square for some must-snap photos.

Lang Square

Dinner, we had seafood in a stall alongside the road in Kuah Town. Take the first trafficlight after Langkawi Fair and turn left. The local-recommended one was Wonderland, but since it was closed we ate at the next stall and the bill turned out to be RM50+ for 4 of us. Pretty fair for fish, sotong, oyster omelette and belacan kangkung.

Lastly, more chocolate shopping then we headed back to our resort for a couple of beers.

Kelly, Asahi girl
Me, Budweiser girl
Up, up we go!
Pretending to be at Okinawa

The next day we went for Pulau Payar (see Part 1) and departed by Firefly at 8.30pm.

Before departing, we had our dinner at Langkawi Fair in this nice ambience restaurant called Sunday. RM6.50 for a dish of Thai fried rice with pieces of chicken. And Kelly claims the coconut drink there is the best she ever tasted.
Little Buddhas
Lovely Dinner

What a fun-filled holiday! It's truly relaxing when you go on holiday with friends you are comfortable with :)

旅行,一定要和志同道合的朋友一起才爽 :)


pik lay said…
Yea. i don't know if i can stop screaming for breath when I am in the cable car.

BTW, Kelly and you wore matching clothes.. same colour.. same type..
rukawa said…
志同道合的朋友 == 同志 :)
belinda said…
Hi, Xiao Wei.
Long time no see. hehe. happen to view ur Langkawi Trip, very informative and quite interesting. see u having fun with kelly also make me wan to go ler.
anyway, take care.
KellYg@n said…
I like your blog..very detail..haha..our source of photo is the same.I think when I blog I must 下一番苦功。

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