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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I feel so fed-up seeing all the hoo-hah between major bookstores and hypermarts selling the Harry Potter book, both in Malaysia and abroad alike.

Since when has childrens' books become such a commodity?

In light of this whole saga, I can just come to one conclusion: that books sold in those so-called reputable bookstores are really highly overpriced.

Imagine RM109.90 for a childrens' book. How are the less-wealthy parents going to afford the long-awaited book for their children? Has J.K. Rowling herself forgotten how it must have felt like to be penniless?

Surely RM69.90 sounds like a reasonble (but still, hefty) price to pay for such a best-seller! It's good that the price-war has led to a discount in the book in the bookstores... this will surely benefit the customers. Haha... even more stupid that they decided to boycott during the first few days of the buying frenzy... incur more losses...

As for me, I'm so happy that my friends managed to dig up an e-book for me. Now I can sit in my bean bag and read Harry Potter with a handful of candy, happily detached from the price-war...


pik lay said...

Thanks for sharing!

Coketai said...

Can I have a link of the e-book?


Xweing said...

Hi coketai, please mail me at

I'll mail you the e-book. :)

rukawa said...

not a fan of Potter, and would not spend RM100 for a children book. A no fan like me always cant figure out or understand why so many people like this book >_<