Dermalogica Facial

After all that exposure to the sun, sea and sand, I decided to pamper myself to the Dermalogica facial package that I purchased weeks ago at a factory promotional. The package cost RM188 for 2 Power Radiance facial treatments plus 2 free LHE (Light Heat Energy) eye treatments. The facial and eye treatments go together at one time. I thought it was worth it cos it's a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. (Normally costs RM188 for 1 Power Radiance facial.)

On Sunday, Leonard drove me to Gembira Parade for the facial. The Dermalogica agent, Faceveil, was located on the 1st floor. Gembira Parade looks 'sad' - there's no shops there except for the occasional hair salon, beauty salon and slimming salon -_-'''

The lady started off by rubbing aromatherapy oil on my face and neck for a soothing effect. Next she cleansed my face and neck with a milk cleanser (precleanse). PreCleanse is the new cleanse! Milk cleanser is used to dissolve oil-based waste on your skin as oil dissolves in oil. Since I have combination skin, with most of my skin on my face dry except for the T-zone, she advised me to use a gentle milk cleanser in the morning and another milk cleanser followed by a foam cleanser in the evening. Next she cleansed my face with a gel cleanser and did a skin analysis of my face.

Next came the exfoliating mask enriched with fruit acid to dissolve dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. The exfoliant dehydrates the skin, so she followed-up with a deep hydrating mask... very comfortable! To achieve radiant skin, the lady advised me to exfoliate at least once a week and use exfoliating and deep-cleansing masks. Then, came the suffering part - extraction of black/whiteheads. Using a small pincer, the lady skillfully pinched every inch of my face to weed out the blackheads! Painful >.<

Next, there was a change of personnel and a young lady came in to attend to me. She picked up a thing which gave a horrible, buzzing sound like something you hear at the dentist's! I thought she was gonna extract something out from my head. Turns out that was a high-frequency germicide which was used to clean my face to be free from germs after the extraction. Macam-macam ada! -_-''' Afterwards came the LHE eye therapy, where she flashed a high-intensity light 3 x 2 times each in both eyes to stimulate the collagen around my eyes for firming purposes.

Then she massaged my face, neck and upper body. It was so much more wonderful than the Thai massage I had to go through last weekend. More aromatherapy oil, but I couldn't really relax, because I had to go to the loo. :'( Next she gave me an eye collagen mask and a multi-vitamin mask and told me to relax for 15 minutes while she massaged my hands and arms. Lastly came the skin-booster/ moisturizer.

Voila! My almost-2-hour long of pampering session was up. Thanks to my driver for fetching me and being bored to death there. Hahaha...

Verdict: **** 4-stars for highly-acclaimed and worthwhile Dermalogica products, quick and attentive service at Faceveil, clean and fresh after-results, and lovely, relaxing time!


Flojo said…
Wah... Pampering gila... Glad that you enjoyed it. I had the similar facial a couple of times too but I didnt really enjoy cuz I am ticklish... Hahaha.. when it comes to the neck part, I was shrugging all the way.. Yikes..
rukawa said…
very deep term. Although i am an engineer, still deep to understand :) Not sure guy allow for such thing or not. I can, mayb i and leo can go try it out, haha.
Coketai said…
I am sorry to forget to put the link to my blog, here you are:, the movie review is located in the month of Feb.
Xweing said…
Yeap, I feel ticklish when ppl massage my feet. I was laughing and laughing at the Thai massage :P

CL, which part is "deep" ha?! Hahaha... you can try but Leo cannot go for facial because I scared he will feel pain on his face. Hehe~

Coketai, thx for the links!
leonardlcy said…
Hahah.... What happened rukawa? Jules rejected your advances isit? now trying to pull me to do facial with you pulak...

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