It's not Hep A!

Yesterday evening the doctor told me that it's not hepatitis A afterall. From the blood test results, it's not A, not B, not C, not malaria, not denggi, not the kissing disease either... so what could it be? Doctor said, still, viral hepatitis - basically meaning, inflamation of the liver due to a viral infection, maybe CMV. Still, the rootcause of all of this still remains elusive, but the doctor and the hospital won't be checking for it since the other strains of hepatitis are generally non-chronic.

Like I told Bin, no, the doctors here aren't like House M.D., however intriguing the cause might be.

I've finally strengthened my heart to finish up the last few episodes of Sex and The City. The outcome was that I was not as moved to tears as I'd thought I'd be, perhaps because it's my second time watching it. After that I read a bit more of Empress Orchid and slept a while, then a phone-call from Khoon Hau woke me up and I spent my time walking around my still, big-as-day isolation ward, arranging flowers and stuff and taking pictures.

I just wanna say, I feel so blessed and thankful to have my friends around me to care about me. Thanks for the cute bear & rose (you beat Leonard to it! ;-)) and the grapes on the first day from Chuan Ning, Soek Junn and Jin Wen; thanks to Kah Khee, Si Min, Berry, TVC, Khoon Hau and Kok Shin for calling everyday to chat and cheer me up; thanks to Wee Meng, Wee Cheng, Suet Sun, Giap Seng, Avinash, Yong Ming, Choon Peng, Han Beng, Chun Wai, Ker Li, Sujea and Kelly for visiting me; thanks to Wan Chong, Wei Shiong and their PG5.2 colleague for the apples; thanks to Sheau Yiing and my buddy Pik Lay who visited me although she still has chicken pox; thanks to James and Adelene for the grapefruit; thanks to Adrian for the soup; thanks to Jules for bringing me many silly DVDs and magazines; thanks to Lan Sin for bringing me Yakult and yoghurt; thanks to Chin Leong for popping by a lot from upstairs to check on me even though he's swollen and in pain; thanks to Siang Leng and Voon Keong for volunteering to bring me Desperate Housewives; and thanks to the many many other friends whom I didn't mention, but are supporting me all this while :)

And thanks to the cleaners and nurses and maids who bring me food with a smiley "Hi! Jie Jie sila makan" each day... they're the ones who cheer me up when all my friends are not around :)


pik lay said…
Why never mentioned about my grapes? Hahahahahhahaha.. Good la .. not hepatitis A.. scare ppl only la u
leonardlcy said…
Hey why the nurses call you "jie jie" You older than them meh?

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