My hospital ward

Deluxe suite

This is the hospital ward (supposed to be isolation ward) which I spent five days in. Not to say I miss it, but I find myself saying "hotel room" each time I'm answering my friends' questions about my being admitted. Other than the food, I must say that the room is great... Astro, air-con, big fridge, dressing table, spacious space, people to change your bedsheets everyday... etc.

Nothing to be missed about

Yesterday I went to my office toilet. I sat on the toiletbowl... and oh man, I miss the warm seat in my "hotel room"... ^_^

And yeah, I felt like a concubine cooped up in the room, having my beauty sleep, clean and comb my hair everyday waiting for my emperor to come.


rukawa said…
i agree, staying in the hospital really like staying in Hotel, i told my friend the same too :) the fee also almost the same as hotel RM200++ per night :)
Foreigner Joy said…
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