Tales from the Hospital

It's 1.30pm, and my colleagues had just left. It feels so warm to know that there are still many people caring about me, even those whom I'm not usually very close to in the office. I just wish that I'd known earlier so I could dress and wash my hair properly. I feel so ugly dressed in my loose black shirt and bermuda shorts.

There's nothing much to do here, just watch some TVB drama series, read the papers and some magazines - I bought CLEO and TIME - and keep the TV on for some noise and action in this big, ballroom-dance-type of a room. Alias is on AXN now. I can only hope that the internet connection does not die on me so that I can do some blogging and chat with my friends. My room is located on the far-end of the hospital wing, away from the TM hotspot.

Yesterday was the first night I spent alone in a hospital room. I vaguely remember I was hospitalized once as a child, at that time my parents were with me. Leonard could not spend the night here as the doctor said my illness was hand-foot-mouth contagious, and put me in an isolation ward. I was scared that I might spread the disease to him, so he went back. However it's a comfort to know that he lives just 5 minutes away. :)

Back to my first night in the hospital. I woke suddenly in the wee hours of the morning, my senses as bright as day. I clearly knew I was awake, and as I lay there, a sudden realization swept over me that something, someone malevolent was coming. I looked around the room. There was nothing there. Suddenly, I felt a sudden rush to my chest like someone had just attacked me with full force. I could not move. I knew, this was what they called 鬼压床。In just a matter of seconds, many things came and left my head. A positive notion like sunshine shone through me, and I comforted myself, that this was normal, and explicable, maybe it was just a panic attack. God loves me, and will protect me from all evil. And in those matter of seconds, the fear and everything left my body. A nurse came in just then to take my pressure. And I felt comforted. I slept the rest of the morning soundly after that. :)


weixuan said…
get well soon~~~~
libelly said…
hand-foot-mouth contagious? :O

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