Clean bill of health!

Today marks my last day of medical check-up for hepatitis. Seeing that all my liver enzyme counts are back to normal without any medication for one month, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health!

Doc: "You'll not be seeing me again. I give you a clean bill of health."
Me: ^__^ (But felt a bit sad not to see the quaint little man again.. *touch wood)

Just then my h/p rang an SMS tone.

Doc: "Must be your boyfriend."
Me: "Nolah." (I knew it was someone wanting to rent room.)
Doc: "Are you not planning to get married?"
Me: -__-''' "But we just started to paktoh only wei..."

Why the doctor so likes to ask about Leonard I dunno (each time, man!!)... hahah... but all the same, I'll miss this quaint old fellow. :)

*Flowers for my 5th month anniversary! ^__^


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