Happy 73rd Birthday, Grand-dad!

Host of grandchildren with the Birthday Boy (with the exception of Bin & Aaron who are still in university)

Hehe last Saturday was my maternal grand-papa's birthday celebration... in accordance with the Mooncake Festival and everyone would be back to kampung (Slim River).

He's 73 years old and still very strong! This year he went to many places, like Vietnam, and will be going for a sea-cruise at year-end. The best thing is he's blessed with many grandchildren (13 of us and 1 more on the way). I love him so much! :-)

Wish him a blessed Birthday and may he be blessed with health, longevity and a very happy life!!!

Littlest cousins: Adrian, Jared(gleeful), Jia-yi and Jacob

Jacob stealing a taste of the cake with everyone looking... wahaha!

Jared presenting his trilingual birthday song...

Pre-school violence: Here's a video of the naughty Jacob bashing up his elder brother Jared for no reason... "Pow! Wow!"


古越遺民 said…

He must hv learnt it from school.
Xweing said…
He's not even in kindergarten yet and he's already bashing up his elder brother. Must've learnt it from TV...

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