Sparkling kitchen

I don't mean to brag but... I think I've got the best best best-est boyfriend in the world!!!

On Sunday I came back from Ipoh carrying many bags and food and stuff. Then I called Leonard and he said he was at my apartment. "No surprise this time, darling..." So I was not expecting any flowers nor gifts, which was fine by me anyways... haha.

When I opened my door and went into my kitchen, it was sparkling clean!!! He'd replaced the plastic dish-shelf with another larger, 2-tiered one, bought a new cutlery holder and a new soap dish, scrubbed the kitchen counter and the window shelf free of all the oil and grime, and arranged everything neatly! Now my kitchen looks... almost... IKEA! \:D/

And last week he cooked me two chilli dishes on Monday and Tuesday... not bad by boyfriend standards, eh? *gleeful*


Coketai said…
Lucky you!!! A guy whose are WILLINGLY to lend a hand on housework is not a bad guy at all....LUCKY YOU! ( Some more can cook!!...wonderful!!!)

Xweing said…
Yup!! Must've done something right in my past life to deserve him... :)

*Shh... dun let him hear... hahaha ^_^
a said…
Wahhh, sweet couple....
libelly said…
hahah.. i dream of you and leonard last night... u wear bikini in my dream... :P~~
古越遺民 said…
ya. IKEA!

i bought a lot of IKEA stuff when i move in to my bro's place.

when i turn IKEA upside down.

i see..


Xweing said…
zhiwei: Swedish design, made in China marr... when u coming back to png? miss u la...

libelly: wah.. sai em sai ar.. so when are you going to wear ur bikini for me 2 c? HEHE! >:)

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