Today's YM status:

kenlee916: recovered
joseph_3_28: headache
xweing: stomachache

I don't know whether Hau's headache is real or not, nor what Ken has recovered from, but my stomachache is definately real.

It started since Monday - I thought it was due to the spicy food; I had a whole bowl of tomyam for lunch and chilli pork for dinner; on Tuesday, again stomachache - I almost fainted in the toilet like last time after I took the diet tea; and today, the pain hasn't completely subsided.

Maybe it's something else??? I still have one last check-up for my liver.

Going to gym now... hope I don't faint there... on Monday when I went for my karate class my friend commented that I should lose a few pounds. -_-''' So frank. But not to fear, I weighed myself and found out that I'd lost 1 kg. *Gambade*


TVC said…
It is seen that u did lots of things case, ur weight is still there or even keep increasing after doing those things ...i will propose u to 'Malaysia Books of Records'' ..haha

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