Teambuilding at E&O Hotel

Thanks to Siang Leng's high recommendation, I had the chance to go for a lovely and fulfilling teambuilding dinner at Eastern & Oriental Hotel on Monday. Well there was another activity prior to the buffet dinner - futsal - but since I'm not involved in the game (not in the least bit interested either), I think I shall just skip that and focus on the buffet instead (Khoon Hau said I always remember eat only...) :P

Located beside the sea, the E&O Hotel is a remnant of the colonial days, with its charming white walls, faint yellow lights and exquisite, tasteful interior decor. However I wasn't in the mood to linger nor snap any photos because it was not a romantic night out, but a night to eat and eat and eat.

So I went straight for the buffet table at Sarkies Corner. There are different buffet themes for each day of the week. Mondays are International Buffet - "East meets West". It costs RM52++ with credit card discounts.

Being a huge fan of BBQ, of course my first choice was to make a beeline for the grilled lamb cutlets, stuffed mussels, and salmon! The food was neverending, the grill was replenished with new meat every few minutes - stuffed lobster, codfish (I missed out on this!), big scallops, crab (least memorable, tasted of the sea), satay (Missed too!) etc. Very worth it because of the lobster, codfish, scallops and salmon! As a result I got a severe lump in my throat afterwards.

I was dreaming of sashimi a few days ago... there was raw salmon in front of me now (ate to my heart's content), raw mussels and raw fish. But no raw oyster! So to this day I still don't know what raw oyster tastes like (imagining)! For Oriental food lovers, a chef rolled up thin slices of Peking duck in crepe, something like a duck popiah. Nice!! Not forgetting herbal soup, tomyam soup etc. The more common Malaysian buffet-ware were nasi kunyit, curry chicken, beef rendang, lamb cutlets... nothing really special.

For my sweet tooth, there was a medley of cakes and dessert available... I tried the tiramisu, chiffon cake (too stuffed by then to try cheese cake), scones, icecream with strawberries... etc. However, I feel the dessert can be improved, because it's not exquisite enough and not delectable enough for my palate.

For RM52++ per pax (free for us this time, of course), to have such a nice BBQ and raw salmon, again, I think it's one of the most worthwhile buffets around. I overheard some colleagues saying this is the best buffet he's been to... and another said to another junior, "You lucky lah! I work for 3 years only get this kind of buffet!" Hahaha! :)


Coketai said…
E&O Fine dining also good, the candle light setting is very romantic, just like those colonial should try one with your love one.

Xweing said…
Hahaha... yeah I saw it on my way out.

It's so expensive!!!

This one must wait for next increment only can go... hehe
Coketai said…
You mean Leonard increment..not your increment anyway!!! Ha! Ha!
Xweing said…
Hahahaha... pandai-nyerr~
Siang Leng said…
Show more pictures of the food. :)
Xweing said…
Nolar... I'm not so pro lar... later do an injustice to E&O if din take the food pic nicely...

This kind of blog must leave for you and ur bf this kind of pro photo-bloggers mar... hehe ^_^

Just use ur imagination when read my descriptions lor...

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