Thanks, Mummy!

Everytime I go back to my hometown, Ipoh, my mom will prepare a whole lot of ingredients for me to bring back to Penang to cook.

Everytime I say no need, she always says, "The things I buy are fresher here!", because she knows I don't have time to go to the marketplace, and neither do I know how to choose the really fresh stuff :P

This week, she gave me especially more stuff to bring back to Penang to share with Leonard!

1 container of almond cream
1 salted chicken
1/2 chicken to boil soup
1 packet of herbal soup ingredients (Here I must thank Papa for buying me 沙参 for my liver)
1 cucumber
2 types of vegetables
1 packet of French beans
2 fish - 1 for steaming, 1 for frying
1 box of fresh spring onions
1 container of shallot oil
Some green chillies
1 small box of freshly cooked sambal belacan and lime!

I'm so thankful to have the world's greatest mom...! :)


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