A-ACA: Absurdity of Anti Corruption Agency

Yesterday saw twsim's YM status: "My bro is on the headline of Malaysiakini".

Was so surprised, I logged into Malaysiakini... and true enough, there was Sim Tze Tzin's name and face plastered right there on the front page!

Excerpt from "Lingam tape: Name source or face jail" by Andrew Ong:

Reveal the source of the ‘VK Lingam’ video or go to jail. This is the ultimatum given by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to two PKR members.

PKR vice-president R Sivarasa and party worker Sim Tze Tzin were both served notices today to reveal the source within seven days.

The notice stated that failure to comply with the demand would be a breach of Section 29 (c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997. Under Section 58 of the same Act, offenders would be liable to a fine of no more than RM10,000 or a two-year jail term.

“We made it clear to the ACA that we were disappointed that the purpose of their investigations has deviated from investigating the (alleged) offences in the video,” he said.


Another piece about this on The Star on Tuesday: ACA interviews one more Keadilan member on lawyer video

This is absurd!!! If this is the kind of thing that the ACA does, not investigating the right track but instead throwing innocent sources in jail, who would even want to provide any kind of lead to them in the future? As if a videotape is not proof enough... really absurd...!!!

What ACA is doing is just akin to this: A student found out that some of her schoolmates were cheating in the exam and blogged about it. Instead she was the one reprimanded by the school authorities for bringing the cheating to light. What is this???!

"Nazri said Malaysia made a slight improvement on Transparency International 2007 Corruption Perception Index which showed that the years of work by the agency have shown result.

He said the improved position from 42 to 43 out of 180 countries was something to be proud of.

Nazri said that the ACA had been able to make more arrests of late because more people had come forward with “quality information” on graft."

Proud of my foot!!!


tvc said…
TVC: hmmmm...the ending of this story will be no ending as usual ....
Xweing said…
haha.. hope it doesn't end with sim in jail..!!
tvc said…

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