Angkasawan Dunia Terpanas (The Hottest Astronaut in the World!)

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Angkasawan Negara

Ever since the candidate for Angkasawan Negara became a clear choice, I for one, have been bimbo-eified by the stunningly handsome and charming Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.

Reasons why I am so smitten with him:

1. He is so handsome! (Obviously...)

2. Men in uniforms --> HOT!

3. Other than being a doctor, he's also a part-time model! (Ain't that hot? Our very own Malaysian cosmonaut is a model!! Maybe, the aliens will come to visit Earth again!)

4. I've been following his blog and he writes in perfect English and seems so down-to-earth! (OK to credit 2nd-in-choice Kapt Dr Faiz Khaleed writes pretty well too ^_^)

5. He can just dis-arm you with his dazzling smile, anytime, anyday, anywhere-in-space...

So cute!!! (Compare with middle Russian cosmonaut)

Still cute even though spacesuit is dirty (Look at the Russian again...)

Suave like a movie star!!!

I was so mesmerized I couldn't resist posting a comment on his blog here.

I am also bimbo-eified into feeling that, yeah, this is really a programme that all Malaysians should feel proud of! After all, he is only the 451-st person to go into space, and we are the 35th country to send someone into space (quoted from this morning's Fly FM)! And not to mention he did pass the physical endurance test, mental test, technical test and all that jazz, which is not easy you know!!! Plus he will be doing important experiments in space: cancer cells, microbes, and protein crystallization, not mentioning bringing vacumm-packed Malaysian delicacies to space, and wearing a batik shirt!

Some armchair critics like to complain that the angkasawan is wasting our money and say this is a stupid mission. Well, we don't very well know the significance of those experiments, do we? (And neither do I...) But since everything is already done, we might as well take the 95-million RM "Search for the Angkasawan Negara" as the 95-million "Search for Malaysia's Next Top Eligible Bachelor a.k.a Eye-Candy"! Which, IMHO, is a huge success! ^_^

All that said, I wish him and all the other angkasawan a safe journey, and God Speed!


pik lay said…
Looks like movie star, true.. but he is a medical officer right, how he gets the Dr title?
weixuan said…,0,6856012.story

"It's a small step for me, but a great leap for the Malaysian people," he said.
rukawa said…
well, i have to post negative here. Sorry xw :p
To me, the program is just way too expensive for a spayce tourist/spaceflight participant.
probably he selected rathar than that kapt, because want to mislead people with the angkasawan look to popularize it like those reality show. Just a contrast of opinion. i just hate this angkasawan.

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