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Late afternoon yesterday, I was feeling a bit hot, so I decided to go for a swim after work.

I was just one lap away from finishing my usual routine when I stopped by the edge of the pool to catch my breath and check out a girl's hair.

Suddenly, I heard a sound "pssst... pssst..." behind me. I thought it was a water-snake (watched Snakes on a Plane lately...), so I quickly turned around. To my surprise, there was this guy, still with his goggles on, baring his teeth (luckily, not other parts), trying to chat me up.

What the...!

This is not the first time I've been harassed in a pool.

For some guys, maybe this is just your idea of chatting-up a girl. In the dictionary, harass means to disturb persistently; to pester. So this means harassment to me.

Since Form Two, I've had my fill of guys trying to harass me in the pool and in the jacuzzi. I still remember back then, the guy asked me whether I'm a Thai and whether I'm staying in that condo... -_-'''

Guys, if you wanna get to know girls, the pool is neither a good way nor a good place to do it. Especially not when the poor girl is hanging by just a tired arm and trying to catch her breath and trying not to drown in the deep, cold depths at the same time, while you are trying to maintain a conversation with her. And neither does it help when you're blatantly looking down her swimsuit and persistently asking her where do you live and are you here for study?

Hello, Too Desperate!

Going to swim alone is different from frequenting a pub alone. Just the same as when a girl flaunts her assets around in a bikini does not mean she's up for grabs.

So swimmers, just keep to your own lane in the pool, alright? And while you're at it, do leave other female swimmers in peace!


tvc said…
hmmm ...y this happened on u ...the reason is quite obvious ....

btw ... nothing to worry also .. u can utilize ur Karate when it is needed as u said "u are blue-belt, don't bully me"...haha!!!
libelly said…
"pssst... pssst..." ....haha i thought is snake also....

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