Lok Lok @ New World Park

After seeing the popularity and success of some floggers in the like of Kampungboycitygal and Vkeong, I've decided to turn around my blog to blog about food too!

*Silence all around...*

Haha... just kidding. :P

I could never be like them because first, I'm not an avid food finder and second, I simply can't remember to shoot the food at various angles with my camera before chomping on 'em hungrily!

So I guess I'd better stick to my own personal style...

There's a new hangout in town -- New World Park @ Burma Road where the park is divided into two major sections: hawker centre and food joints.

I personally like the hawker centre cos I can enjoy my cheap, tasty hawker fare in a clean, airy environment as compared to the dirty Swatow Lane as it was before.

At the other section, there is a camaraderie of food joints that sell a variety of food at slightly hiked-up, but still very much middle-class affordable prices. Examples are Nyonya Cafe, Mizi's Bistro (ate there, did not really leave an impression though), Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam, Bak Kut Teh King, Passions of Kerala, soon-to-be-opened Manhattan Fish Market, Lio' Z Music Cafe and Lok Lok.

When we arrived, the centre stage was thronged with uncles, aunties, young couples and small children while a girl group dished out some Mandopop and English songs. Their nice singing livened up the atmosphere. :) I was not feeling very well that day and pined for some hot soup, so I opted for the Lok Lok.

Inside the restaurant

Again, it's a clean and comfy environment to enjoy my hawker food. :)

It's been such a long time since I ate loklok. Reminded me of the times when I was in secondary school, Kah Khee and I pushing sticks and sticks of fishball greedily into our mouths at the piping hot loklok stall, and running to catch the bus just as it was about to leave... :P


Their sauces are homemade. From left, (in bottles) Thai chilli sauce, sweet sauce, lemon chilli sauce, szechuan spicy sauce, (in bowls) satay sauce and oyster sauce.

The waiters are attentive and eager to please. One waiter asked for our opinion on the sauces because they'd just been open since August and are trying to improve on their sauces. Semangat betul!

Tomyam and Chicken Soup

Yes, yes I know I'm sick... but give me that tomyam soup anyday!!

Food on sticks

The food can be ordered in sets, or ala carte. We chose the RM24 set which included 20 sticks (squid, scallops, prawns, fishball, fishcakes), 2 kolo mee (finally I get to taste the famous Sarawak mee!), and soup. For less, there will be more vegetables on your sticks. For more, more seafood and fishcakes.

Can I dip him into the soup too?

Leonard says the Air Itam loklok is much, much better (he says the sauces are fab!)... I guess, I'll try that next time. But, if you're wandering around in New World Park and prefer some 清淡 food in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, you might wanna check out this Loklok place. :)


tvc said…
Coketai said…
Can you ask Leonard where is location of this Air Itam Lok Lok??? Keen to try when back to Penang???

vkeong said…
I told the waiter/boss(?) I would post about his restaurant.. I hope he's not refreshing my site everyday for it lol. You did a very good job of reviewing it :D I just couldn't write such nice reviews hehe
K.P. said…
Yeah, I wanna know the Air Hitam Lok Lok as well.

Thanks in advance.
leonardlcy said…
Hello guys, Its the Pulau Tikus Lok Lok. Not Air Hitam... Its opposite the the IPG building. Big portions on each stick and the nicest "kuah" for a lok lok I've ever tasted...

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