Wrong side of the bed

If you don't have a wrong side of the bed to wake up to, can you still have a "wrong side of the bed" day?

My bed is against the wall, so I suppose I only have one side each day to wake up to, unless I flip my body.

After an extremely bad dream last night, haze in the morning sky, a lift reeking of pee, a string of red traffic lights this morning, missing the nearest parking ground by a few cars, and leaving my company badge in the car, do you think I can still be happy and positive when my morning mood has been eroded to nothing less than bad?

Kelly, finally I'm using Garfield you gave me...

So I make a cuppa Nescafe while reading the news, but since changing my mug to a smaller one the Nescafe doesn't taste the same anymore (hmm... still need some adjusting to the portions of sugar and cream). No wonder news of Myanmar have disappeared recently, due to this and this. Horrifying! To the extent of what some governments are willing to do...

However, I still try to put a smile on my face even when the going gets tough... for it's only through positive thinking like this that I'll be able to get through my day... :-)

P/S: Nothing short of a bad mood hereby I hope that the person who peeed in the lift will get up one morning to stones in his urethra.


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